Will you might not believe this but I am founding hard to scroll trough this forum, meaning that I do not know which section to select each time ,and when I get it right The next day I forgotten what I did , but as you know computers and I do not seems to understand each other. So when you say .....(.have you taken a close look at my avatar) ? what does it means? sometime I just do not get it .Or in my defense should we say I do not understand computer talk but I am trying hard to do so. I am not complaining but I wish the set up was a bit easier. Some of my friends here, where kind enough trying to teach me how to get around the Forum..... but unfortunately it just will not sink in and I really get frustrated sometime.
Peter T.

The sad thing about computers is the amount of time that you need to invest; which can be major. I started almost 40 years ago, and haven’t kept up very well, the last 10 years at least. So I’ve cut back on my computer involvement. If there is anything I can help you with, just ask. I used to work with a guy that taught computer programming, he said he was totally qualified to teach it, as he had made all of the mistakes at least 100 times.

So most times you make the same mistakes, you’ll eventually find the right way.