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Moving molecules .
Moving molecules .
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    it does take a bit of work, i'm not taking anything away from him on what he has achieved but, seeing things on youtube and seeing them in person usually are very different. on forums such as this one people show their work in detail warts and all. i'm not suggesting he join a forum and show his work off but some people work the easy way, some people work the hard way (as few joints as possible, bonnet and boot openings and door openings, formed on the panel not welded on)

    this porsche is the biggest job i have done, i have shortened an audi quattro for a mate before i moved to Oz, i built a vw beetle in to a van (all steel) not the wizard conversion kit. i converted an astra gsi mk3 to 4x4 and used that daily for a couple of years just before i moved over. accident repair is my area of daily work, restoration is a hobby but i would love to build an electric aluminium 356

  • Moving molecules .
    Great stuff Neil, like you have had many years and Accident repair centres and you do learn a lot... but for me riveting on and doing the so-called BMW mini was getting too much for me .... this is when I got into classic cars.... I say classic cars ... But really I started in 1987 as a hobby.

    Just off now to do a M5 E28👍.

    Cheers Matt the Old Git.🤣
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