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series of videos from German Markt oldtimer car magazine ,

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  • series of videos from German Markt oldtimer car magazine ,

    this a series of metal repair on old cars , showing a lot of hand tools and how to use them ,

    UPDATE: you can try and switch it to english subtitles , first activate CC , then go to settings (the round gear) click subtitles , under that will be the language of the video , click that and it will give you all the languages it can translate too , Click English , there is no listing for Aussie , hopefully this will get you correct subtitles which can be "interesting" because Prof Google does not know metal shaping terms sometimes

    it works pretty good......most of the time......

    anyway this series is pretty good , if you look at the other Markt Youtube videos there is another one of metalworking .......

    Wir starten mit einer neuen Staffel Thomas macht’s! Dieses Mal dreht sich alles um Karosseriereparaturen. In Teil 1 zeigt Thomas Geis im Video, welche Werkze...

    Gute Fahrt
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    He has nice hammers !


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      Originally posted by Peter Tommasini View Post
      He has nice hammers !
      and a very clean workshop !