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N two video on making Ferrari front out soon

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  • N two video on making Ferrari front out soon

    Hi guys I would like to apologized about the video on the Ferrari nose N 2 delay, but I have been incredibly busy lately, not to mention that I have not been feeling well lately ,
    every ache known to men has found a place in my body but slowly i am getting over it and will start filming very soon and I will post on this forum and you tube
    Peter T.

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    I'm looking forward to it, Peter. I understand about aches and pains, but It's getting much better for me as well. I also apologize for not contributing much lately, but when I was down for two weeks, I got to spending some time on the computer and got deeply involved in writing my 'book'. Not really a book, but a collection of stories. Been working lots of hours. Not a writer, but I am having a good time remembering 'stuff'. Want to get started back on the Aluminum Model A fender.


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      Hope you are feeling better Peter. Oh and give up those Marlboro's please. We want you around for a long time to come.

      Hope you are feeling better as well Will. Good to hear that you are writing a book. I imagine you have a lot of cool stories from back in the best years of Nascar.


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        Yep, get well soon chaps!

        I know a man who smoked two packs a day and in the 1980's had acupuncture to get off his addiction; when I last saw him twenty years later, he was not only still off the smokes, but he he told me that he had never once felt like having one!

        Cheers Charlie