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    I also would like to thank's Neil and John ,I always had the idea for such Forum , but with my computer expertise It would never have happen I hope that all the beginners in this forum can learn and do things without wasting time guessing . AND PLEASE post your progress so we all can see how you are going ,DO NOT be afraid to post if you fails (that is a important part of learning )

    Again thank you everybody involved
    Peter T.
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      Originally posted by Chazza View Post
      And a HUGE thank you, to you Johnny and Neil, for going to the immense trouble and work, to get this forum to work so well.

      For a novice who lives in the middle of nowhere, I greatly appreciate the help Peter and you two have given me, as well as everyone else, who shows me how to shape metal on this forum.

      Hopefully this year I can come to Melbourne to see my daughter and do a course with Peter,

      Cheers Charlie
      The Forum is very easy to use, and the participants are a great bunch.


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        Yes, I feel very privileged to have known Peter, he has taught and shown us all a thing or two and for him to still have the passion and keep making videos and posting just goes to show what type of man he really is.
        Selfishness in not in his vocabulary, Peter doesn't drive home his sales pitch for his products whenever he offers advice or promotes a video. He applies logic and common sense approach, most of all he knows his stuff.
        Im very much sure he enjoys others carrying on with his passion as much as next person, but shown in the traditional way. I dont think there are to many left who will carry on this knowledge.
        Thank you Mr Peter T.
        Cheers Reedy,

        There's nothing as Sweet as a EK V8


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          Tuesday . Winter 1980 . A mate who had left school to train as a Chef and I were heading out to Scarborough Beach in Christchurch NZ. I figured school was optional and strapped my "Queensland Pipedream " board to the roof racks of his 1974 corolla... Cranked up Talking Heads. More songs about Buildings and Food.. maybe it was Remain in Light ????? Tina was a hottie either way !!!!! Scarborough looked a little flat so we decided to head over the hill to the infamous "Taylor's Mistake "

          Yeah , winter. No surprise to see the carpark empty bar a gnarly 1973 HQ Holden panel van with obligatory rust in the sills

          Slip on the O'Neill wetsuit and away we go.. Life's good. 17 world at our feet

          An hour or so later we start paddling for shore. getting cold and we were starting to get tired. The more we paddled the further away we seemed to get. Paddle harder. Shit .. Drifting further from home. Paddle harder. WTF ?????? Panic starting to take hold. Paddle harder

          Panic stations. Sheer terror as we realised we were been dragged out to sea. Paddle harder. Arms are now burning.

          To our left the owner of the HQ had obviously realised our plight and made his way towards us. He raised his hand and motioned us to paddle towards him Eventually we did , but as we approached he simply paddled further away to our left then made the same hand signals yet again

          By now we were spent. We simply followed and every time we were in yelling distance he would paddle a little further away across the shoreline

          He caught a wave into the beach and we followed just laying on our boards shivering and terrified.

          17. Smartarses with attitude. Know it all teenagers. Lady killers . Washed up on a beach damn near crying... Yep Big Shots.

          He brought us some towels and asked if we had ever been caught in a rip before.


          WTF does this have to do with metal shaping Johnny ? Nothing but everything.

          We were lucky to have an experienced surfer who knew his way around a rip, and was able to guide us to safety

          Metal shaping is not life or death in a physical sense but if you have the wrong teacher you will probably end up in trouble . That frustration will cause you to lose heart and eventually you will walk away because it all seems too hard. You cant fit the pieces to the puzzle and you will assume the problem is YOU . You're not cut out for it and you don't have the innate special skills. Black art. And you don't make the cut. Try Macramé ( accent over the E )

          On that Tuesday in August, Kevin and I didn't choose our teacher. Fate ( ? ) intervened and the right person was there at the right time to guide us

          Choose your teacher wisely. And as Cliffy says "Choose one "


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            Actually the more I think about that day the more sure I am that the album was "Talking Heads 77 " .. FN classic !
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