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Interesting read on traditional metal shaping

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  • Interesting read on traditional metal shaping

    Hi Guys ,A friend of mine just came back from England after touring a few of the prestigious traditional metal shaping work shops in England. He made a few notes which i thought i would share with you guys.

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    thanks for posting that peter it was great to read, feeling kind of envious to be honest, he met a lot of talented guys!
    thanks neil


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      Great Read!


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        Thanks for posting the link, Peter. It's good to see him mention things like the stubbornness towards tradition, the typically brutal social and physical environment of the workplace and there being no substitute for truly apprenticing under a bona fide Master. These are truths to becoming an actual Master.

        Looking in from my finite and diminishing traditional stonecraft world, traditional metalcraft is everywhere by comparison with many Masters doing traditional work with multiple employees. If this is what you want to do for a career, do not squander the opportunity that still exists.


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          Just read the entire article. What a great experience and that must have been.
          Thanks for posting it Peter.
          David Bradbury


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            As you all can see my opinion , for good quality work in reasonable quick time, it's the only way to go .. never mind about the ''other'' person saying .... [ quote]
            ''I do not follow the traditional way, there are many ways to do the job, and the way that I teach and work is just as good'' ..... [end of quote]

            well ......I leave up to you to decide

            In another note.. this Month I will finish the video on the Ferrari nose panel ..I have just been busy with other projects .
            Peter T.


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              Bloody hell this is sooooo good Pete.... thank you very much .was it a young lad called Kip ?????
              one more Top Gent is Pete Southan....... he worked at CMC jaguar and was responsible for remaking this very special Jaguar..... just WOW.
              he now makes bodies for evolution E.types
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                Guys for members that interested in metalshaping the right way ,please watch this video at about 13.50 and 14.34 and 33.32 minutes, then make your own mind on how it should be done


                PS my old wreck wheelbarrow at home looks better than that !


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                  Excellent read. The guy seized his fantastic opportunity with both hands. Congratulations to him.