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New hammer for the shop

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  • New hammer for the shop

    Tomorrow the Baileigh MH19 gets picked up for its journey to Pittsburgh...

    Next week we pick up the replacement, a Powell Hammer..

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    We would love the MH19 but Simon at Baileigh here in the UK has quoted £19.000..... which as a new company is a big expense.
    would you make a power hammer?.

    cheers Matt 🇬🇧


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      Congratulations, they are sweet looking machines!
      Hay! Robert, I didn't see that that was you posting this, I thought that door & machine looked familiar. let me know when you get it up and running, I'd like to see it.
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        Congratulations, Robert. It will be good to see what you do with it.


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          Nice machines Robert that will make things quicker
          Peter T.


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            Thanks guys!!

            So this past Saturday we had another louver job with Cody, this time on a C10 Chevy hood. With the Lennox sitting in the corner like this...

            ….. there has been a couple of occasions that large panels would run into interference with the shear. Saturday would be no exception. We had to cut the anchors with a Sawzall and slide it toward the paint booth to make room for the hood...

            Since the Baileigh was picked up early that morning, the spot it was in seemed a better location to eliminate future issues with obstructions to the side.. So we used the 6000 lb capacity engine hoist to move the approx. 4000 lbs of Lennox..

            Which left this spot open for the new Powell Hammer. The dies are located higher on this machine, so any larger panels should clear over top...

            Monday was moving day for the Powell hammer, Mario helped with the loading, unloading, and positioning exactly where it was supposed to go...

            All that's left to do is drill some holes into the concrete and add some "peg" bolts to keep things from moving around.


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              You need a bigger shop!


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                OJ, I'm going to let you break that news to Stacy!


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                  Originally posted by MP&C View Post
                  OJ, I'm going to let you break that news to Stacy!
                  No way man, I saw the look in her eye when you once mentioned 'tool'.


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                    Looks really sweet Robert. Congrats.