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  • Your favourite Pullmax.

    Hi Gents, what’s your favourite PullMax or Equivalent brand ?.

    We are looking for a new machine for our new shop here in the UK.

    I,ve read somewhere that PullMax P21 or P13 is the favourite one ???.

    Need a allround machine for Pro Beading, shrinking with a thumbnail die,s ( Metal and the Plastic ones for Aluminum) etc.

    The Baileigh Industrial machine’s are very expensive £19.800 🙁🙁🧐

    we only have around £5.000 😉

    any help would be great.

    cheers Matthew 🇬🇧.

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    Matthew in my opinion the Pull Max P21 is the best over all the the others
    Peter T


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      What size tooling do you already have ? you would want to buy a machine the same size tooling ot larger ,

      Trumpf , Nibbler and Nolan also make this style machine along with many more companies !


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	5584B170-E922-4299-BD35-F14D4A396EF4.jpeg
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ID:	3901 Trumpf is a brand we have a our Precision Engineering factory that helped us set up our New Company .
        what Trumpf makes would you recommend.


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          I am going to assume you are going to buy a used machine ,

          So buy the best machine you can find , Pullmax , Trumpf , Nolan or any of the others ,

          The problem will be that very few of the machines will be in the shop where they have been used for years , most will be at machinery dealers so its hard to find the history ,

          if it was used in a factory 2 hours a day for 20 years its going to be more worn out than in a small sheet metal shop,

          And then its moving it to your shop and setting up the power , is 380v to normal voltage in the UK ?


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            i tried to add a photo of a Pullmax T series , these are pretty rare but allow a curver panel to get into the "throat"


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              Yes that’s The dilemma you face with used equipment I believe most of these Big machines dates from the late 60s and 70s ?
              we have three phase here.... but I’ve never understood how it works...🤣

              Abarth ? Do you like Italian stuff.

              we have just Unloaded De Tomaso Manguata off the trailer , so will keep the team Posted when it comes back from the media blasters which is done at our factory by people that know what they’re doing..... 👍 well bloody hopefully.... This car will hopefully grace the lawns of London’s Concours de elegance .... have I spelt that right....



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                Here are some other brand names. from tinmans website ......Pull-Max, Baker Tru-Edge, Lenox, Metl Mastr, Wales, Seecrest, Savage, Campbell, Gairu, Vibro-Shear, and Ta Ming.,
                I know there is a longer list somewhere.....
                here is another list Trumpf

                SMV, Nibler (senior, junior baby) now merged with Pulmax: Sweden

                Trumpf, : Germany * still in business but nibbler isn't in production.

                Atlas Machines, 3 models pn3,pn5, pn8 : India * still in production

                Baker Tru-Edge, :

                Lennox, MetlMastr : Lima, Ohio.

                Savage, W.J. Savage, :

                Libert, : USA

                Atlas Machines of India

                Franho, Heller & Sons, : Brazil * company in business, C-6 nibbler

                Campbell, A.C. Cambell :

                Gairu, : Spain

                Vibro-Shear taiwan
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                • neilb
                  neilb commented
                  Editing a comment
                  thank you for the info dave much appreciated

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                Thanks for doing that that would be very helpful to many people.👍👍


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                  Just managed to get a grant for our new company , crazy considering the world were in.... but if it’s there will take it.

                  so luckily we have a Pullmax P21 coming 😉 but would need help with the Tooling.
                  any help would be great.
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                    congrats on the purchase it'll be a great addition to the shop
                    thanks neil


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                      Click image for larger version

Name:	8D022F56-EF26-4E43-B5E2-50BBA2158C6B.png
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ID:	3933Click image for larger version

Name:	C6A61C11-A8AA-437D-81AE-772D816390E4.jpeg
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                      Originally posted by neilb View Post
                      congrats on the purchase it'll be a great addition to the shop
                      Thank you Neil, need to find some of those plastic thumbnail die,s for Aluminum work....

                      do you know if they are just plastic coated metal dies Or like a plastic composite...

                      Any help with this machine we be

                      pic is from Chris Runge.
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                        Have a look on AMS in the tools section and search through the stickies at the top of each category. There is a lot of very useful information on types of plastic to use etc. including a post by someone, on how to make thumbnail shrinking dies.

                        Sorry I can't give you a direct link, as I never book-marked one,

                        Cheers Charlie


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                          i made my plastic thumbnail dies from some 50mm rod, can't remember what type, acetal i think. i turned the shafts on the lathe, 1 on each end of the rod then placed the rod in the vice on the mill, milled a flat on one side of the thumbnail part, flipped it over an sat it on the flat and milled another flat so they were opposite each other. cut the rod at the centre point, faced on the lathe, back on the mill to drill for the thumb. the thumb on mine is actually a piece of stainless rod well rounded on the end and glued in the base.

                          it works ok on ali, i don't do much ali at the moment so i will probably make some more with a different thumb angle just to try out

                          my tooling shafts are 20mm round as i used a square er40 milling collet block for my tool holders, they work on the mill where the tooling spins so they were bound to work where the tooling goes up and down lol
                          thanks neil


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                            could you plastic coat the steel ones.??

                            Are the shop bought ones very expensive.
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