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  • max thickness

    just a question i have regarding a pullmax...

    what is the maximum mild steel thickness they can shape?

    i have a project in mind...
    thanks neil

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    Neil ...............I think up to 1.6 only


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      My P21 does 10-12 gauge mild steel. It depends whether it is joggling, doming or flanges.


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        thank you guys, I have tried to get some 3mm steel spun but the metal spinners near me dont want to take the job on, as it's not that profitable for them.

        I had a thought that if 3mm was possible then I could try it on a pullmax, I have a plan for some wheel centers for my porsche, I want steel wheels on it but wanted 17" I can buy the hoops but need to get the centre's done. only having a narrow wheel centre I was hoping I could get it done without expensive machinery, the wheel pdc is 205mm so it has a huge area in the centre of the rim missing. I'll add a pic later
        thanks neil


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          Neil, my Gairu is labeled to handle up to 1/8" or .125" or 3.175 mm mild steel for forming operations, which is in the Pullmax P8-P9 range. Here's pics of the label, might help your planning if they are legible-

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            you can see in the pic that the centre part where the bolts go is not very wide
            Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20191106-103402_Samsung Internet.jpg Views:	0 Size:	35.1 KB ID:	2092

            I can get the oval holes lazer cut after and make a tool to flange the edges, along with a tool to create the hump for the bolt holes
            thanks neil


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              Not sure of the size of Pullmax, but an ex-neighbour engineer (sadly passed away now) for years made very serviceable concrete mixers with his Pullmax and slip rolls etc... The base of the bowl was both mildly domed and had a return where it was welded to the conical body. The base would have been more than 1.6mm for sure, but not sure if it was 3.0mm. Mind you, it didn't turn anywhere near as quickly as your Porker wheels are gonna turn Neil. That centre return would be interesting to try and form in 3.0mm this side of a 3000 tonne press and a bloody great big expensive die. Mind you, because you are only going to need to make 5, not impossible to have scanned and machined in this day and age of CNC stuff. Back when I war t'lad, we would have been given t'block of steel and t'selection of t'files - luxury...

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              Cheers, Richard