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shrinking and stretching using a hammer and pipe

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  • shrinking and stretching using a hammer and pipe

    Some basic metalshaping we did in the shop on Saturday…. making a vent bracket for under the dash out of 19 gauge using a hammer and piece of pipe. Excuse the audio quality at the start, what you get for filming with an iPhone 6S. S stands for SUCKS... apparently the phone gets confused as to which of 3 microphones to use. We filmed the rest with a different phone..

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    Nice work Robert and an excellent demonstration!

    Cheers Charlie


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      Well done Robert
      Peter T.


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        Thanks guys! Missed getting pictures of the TIG welding in the video, but we welded up the second vent bracket the other night. Not bad for an old guy who can't see.. 🙈


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          We did another video last night on some basic shrinking for a flanged repair panel in a floor pan. Thought this may be another tip that would help out here as well..

          My buddy Jeff Ford down in Aiken SC was working on installing a floor pan patch and had omitted the flange in the radius corner below the toe panel.

          So in addition to busting his chops, we put together this video tutorial so he could do the next panel in one piece.



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            Brilliant demo!


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              I like it.