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Gas Welding Regulator Rebuilding Service

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  • Gas Welding Regulator Rebuilding Service

    For people seeking proper rebuild of gas welding regulators, including low 1psi-2psi use for Oxygen-Hydrogen welding, this is a source I used here in the USA.

    Rick Marshall
    Marshall's Torch Service LLC
    12819 N 39th Drive
    Phoenix, Arizona 85029
    (623) 980-6726
    torchmastered at yahoo dot com

    I was referred to Rick by BIll Tromblay. I spoke with Rick this evening about posting his contact info when he called to say my regulators were rebuilt and ready to ship. He received my regulators directly from two separate ebay sellers on Monday and called me tonight on Wednesday saying they were ready. For general reference, as of this posting date Rick said he normally charges around $35.00 labor to rebuild a regulator. Parts to completely rebuild my Victor VTS250 dual stage regulators to low psi specs cost approx $75 for each regulator. The final price he charges will depend upon what is needed for parts and labor. He may have the proper regulators in stock or you can send him yours. He prefers to work with brands and units with readily available parts. He only does mail order and offers warranty service should there ever be concerns.

    Rick was very helpful and generous to make sure what he did was what I needed. He said my rebuilt regulators now max out at 6 psi, so accurately adjusting them to operate at 1 psi or 2 psi would be no problem.

    Rick also has a parts inventory for discontinued Airco gas welding equipment including torch rebuilding kits, so may be able to provide specific service for some of those items.

    If you're looking for a source for the right regulators to do special work, give him a call.