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    Hey guys, I apologize for the delay in letting you know more about my book. I did not write it to be a writer or to earn a living. It was just on my 'bucket list. I published it myself, so could only afford 200 copies the first time around. I do not want this to seem like a sales pitch, but more of a 'heads up' to let some of my closer friends know that I still have a few left. It is 7" x 10", 1-1/2" thick, weighs almost 3-pounds, 611 pages and had 145 pictures. It is an autobiography, but the content is about 70% racing or car building. One chapter is about the Redneck Roundups. Worlds fastest tire changer and unofficial worlds fastest stock car for 3-years, aluminum speedster, Humvee, etc. 68 stories, most about 'the golden age' of NASCAR

    Book price is $39.95 and the shipping to Australia is $40.05 for a total of $80. PayPal is my preference - [email protected]
    Or mail a money order to:
    Will Cronkrite
    1735 Heckle Blvd.
    Suite 103-322
    Rock Hill, S.C. 29732

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    sounds like a good read will, if i was working i'd have one myself!
    thanks neil


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      I have made a website to facilitate the ordering of my new book that includes a blog. Visit it often.

      I have also added a 'rotating' picture album that shows the pictures in the book in color as opposed to the black and white ones in the book.

      The website only offers payment of $48 for the USA shipping only, but interested folks can PayPal me $80 for shipping to Australia.