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Oxygen-Hydrogen Gas Welding

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    I agree, Bill. I'm stacking up too much filler right now and can do much better. right now I'm more concerned about getting full penetration, so trying to manage heat in part with fill rod and it's building too much.

    Still, this seems to be a relatively easy welding process now that I've got the kit & method better sorted, probably the easiest welding process I've ever tried in terms of managing heat. Until I blow a big hole because I started sightseeing instead of moving the puddle forward, it's more more like oxy/act welding 1/8" or thicker steel than .063 aluminum. But there's no overheating, tip popping, nothing. Very tractable. I'm looking forward to doing a lot more oxy/hyd welding and hope others here might try it, too.


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      Advice for anyone thinking about getting into gas welding, whatever fuel you plan to use-

      Yesterday, I finally took the time to weld up at least a foot of cracks in the much-abused tailgate on my nearly 50 yr old pickup using my favorite old torch and oxy/act. After all the effort trying to learn how to gas weld aluminum without blowing holes, gas welding thin crs was very simple. I was outside, in the breeze, welding 18g/19g crs along like I was welding thick metal. If you're on the fence of adding a gas welding rig to your shop to do both crs and aluminum sheet, maybe this will you make some decisions.


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        Some very obscure trivia-

        last weekend, we were watching The Three Stooges. One segment from circa WWII had Larry, Moe & Curly trying to avoid being drafted into the army by successfully building a new airplane of their invention that would change forever aviation technology. One of the gags included Moe being knocked into a vat of melted rubber being used on the project. When trying to figure out how to remove the hardened rubber, one of the others said "Hey, lets use some of this hydrogen to inflate it off of him!" He grabbed a hose from the gas welding rig next to them and did exactly that. Of course, Moe floated up to the ceiling, then through a hole in the ceiling and up into the sky...

        Just thought it was interesting to see a supposed aviation shop from that time period with a supposed oxy/hydrogen gas welding rig. Even if it was a gag, it was normal/plausible for the period and the last thing I expected to encounter while watching the Three Stooges.

        Edit- the name of that Three Stooges short with the hydrogen reference is "DIzzy Pilots."
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          Hoping this post will help moving past the latest ^^^^ apparent spam post about flashlights for sale on amazon….

          While discussing problems at the Redneck Roundup regarding my oxy/hyd welds cracking when worked, I was told it sounded like I had oxidized those welds by having too much oxygen present in my weld. Probably a problem with my mixture & flame adjustment.

          My apparent heat sink problems may also be resolved by changing to a still larger tip as the welded assembly becomes larger. Currently I only have tips up to size 4, even though I did order the longer neck to help keep the torch cool enough to handle. I’ll order more tips.