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Honda CB400 Cafe Racer Pt 1

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  • Honda CB400 Cafe Racer Pt 1

    Hi Guys, This Little Honda was Brought into me a few years ago for a slight fuel tank repair after the customer dropped his bike.
    Upon stripping the tank, A multitude of Sins erupted.

    25mm of reofill in 3 major dents. The right hand side of the Tank was nearly exactly the same exept for 1 smaller ball bearing dent.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Small cracks on the right side, thought I'de strip that as well.
    Nearly Identical dents bar one additional Big marble size.

    Click image for larger version

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    With the use of a fabricated 12mm rebar bent at precarious angles, I managed to get most of them out, except for some major creases.

    Click image for larger version

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    With the help of the Shrinking disc, I was able to dress it up pretty good, Im happy with the result. And so is the Customer, stating he can get a extra 2 ltrs in the tank.

    Click image for larger version

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    Cheers Reedy,

    There's nothing as Sweet as a EK V8

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    Nice work Reedy!


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      Reedy is taking a few weeks off to travel to Canada with his family so I thought we would sneak in and share a little bit more about Reedy. I’ll let Dave fill in the history but I’ll pick up from 2014 when Dave and Dennis and Johnny R and Mark Y saved our first metal shaping event from disaster. Unfortunately our business had landed a contract that demanded 24 hr production from a standing start and it wasn’t a particularly fun time. Kerry from All Metal Shaping was generous with his help but us cocky kiwoz don’t take instructions too seriously. 23 showed up with the majority camping for the 3 days. Johnny Dave and Dennis turned up on the Thursday They rearranged my shed welded up tables and got everything done before I arrived. Not bad for a group of guys that I had only “spoken with “ on the internet. Lifetime friends from day one. The next year we held another event and because I promised to support a charity with any excess funds we managed to get Dave to send nearly $ 1000 aus to a metal shaper in the US who was trying to support his nephew with equipment just to breathe. I don’t care what methods you take. I don’t care if you are the best or worst meatalshaper to ever walk the planet We were introduced to a little guy that through the curve ball that life had thrown would probably never learn to gas weld let alone build a panel to fit a buck. But that year we helped his uncle finish a project that allowed him to take centre stage in a local parade. This has been the proudest moment for me but in July we traveled to Ulladulla for the 2019 meet. EK Dave and I were banished to spend our time on yet another Jeep cab. Day 3 Johnny fills us in about the owner and what he has done for the local community and the struggle he now faces. I wish I coulld share with you a part of the story but that is up to Reedy. 100 plus hours of work because Johnny cares about people. Us guys have a real problem with sharing our feelings and fears and unfortunately it’s too late when the numbers show in the suicide column. Reedy gets my vote for teachers pet for September. This is bigger than us. Thanks John leftiskreig


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        the reedy (oldnek) would have posted some of the cab work on here , last pic i saw the roof was cut off , ready for a new one