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Geoff Moss 356 bonnet in Aluminum

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  • Geoff Moss 356 bonnet in Aluminum

    Thought y'all might enjoy...
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    I've had the youtube video of dom chinea holding his bonnet pop up in my feed, not watched it though as he gets on my nerves a bit, will watch this with geoff moss untill dom is in it

    thanks for the posting mike
    thanks neil


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      I do like watching Geoff work.

      I wonder about his workspace, especially the plain empty white walls. It seems to be deliberately barren and spartan above the midline. Is that a deliberate “tool” that helps him focus on the shape/form of panels being wheeled without the surface reflecting all of the typical chaos of tools, shelves and materials that fill many other shops?


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        As mention many time before Geoff knows is stuff , he does everything spot on, he wheels only where he needs to , with light pressure and use the right lowers anvils ,NOTE....HE HAS MADE A WIDER TRACK on them BUT ! it's not a flat !!! That is where most people mainly in the US got confuse and literally machining a dead flat on the anvils which I keep saying it does not work simply because it leaves marks on the panel and it does not rise the panel like it should . It takes a bit of skill and know how ,to get those anvils right it's a matter of trial and error but eventually you can get them right . So , to make a panel right the only thing you need is a PAPER pattern a few profiles of the shape you are making light pressure and the right anvil.

        FSP , load of pressure ,bending the panel in a barrel using machined flats on the anvils DO NOT WORK PERIOD !!!!............ for all you beginners, Follow Goeff Moss technique and you CAN NOT go wrong
        Peter T

        PS thank you Mike for posting this video
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          Dominic Chinea is probably a really nice guy, but damn is he hard to listen to!
          "yeah" "yeah", "oh yeah", "oh, yeah, no", "yeah" "right, right" "yeah".

          Geoff Moss as good as ever though.


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            Part two here;


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              Great to watch, Geoff has loads of patients, chilled with his smoke hanging from his lips.
              Just like a Little Italian Aussie I know of
              Funny I didnt know who Dom was until I started watching "The Repair Shop" UK based Restoration show on all things.
              I would love to do a course with Geoff if I ever travel over there.
              Thanks for posting the video, thoroughly enjoyed it.
              Cheers Reedy,

              There's nothing as Sweet as a EK V8