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  • Wheel exercise

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Wheel practice 1.jpg
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    Hello my friends!

    I set up the wheel today and decided to have a go at Exercise no. 1, as posted by Jonmar. Photo above.

    Things were going well until I increased the pressure and lost control of the shape; the object being to have all four corners resting on the table.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Wheel practice 2.jpg
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    So corner A and C have remained about 20mm off the table between them. At one stage there was far too much metal gathering on two of the edges, but I managed to get rid of it by stretching inboard.

    Any idea on what I should do next? I have tried wheeling diagonally near A and C but nothing happened of any consequence,

    Cheers Charlie

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    have you tried just to flatten the four sides by hand?

    looking at the pic the 2 ends seem to have a different radius to each other, or is that just how the pic is?

    not a lot of pressure is needed, technique produces better results
    thanks neil


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      Thanks Neil,
      I worked out what is probably the problem – forgot to anneal it!

      Yes you are correct, too much pressure would not have helped, I was experimenting.

      If I succeed, should I stretch along the edges to get it flat again?

      Cheers Charlie


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        That's better.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Wheel practice 3.jpg
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          Keep up the good work Chazza. I am following your post.


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            Thanks Will.

            I am not used to working with aluminium so I often forget about annealling. Once I did that, it was absurdly simple to get it to move where I needed it to.


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              Aluminium does not like to be wheeled with too much pressure all at once
              Peter T.


              • Chazza
                Chazza commented
                Editing a comment
                Thanks Peter.

                To get the panel to go flat again, I guess I should stretch the edges. Is there any particular pattern that I should follow?

                Cheers Charlie