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What about a recess on a curved surface?

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  • What about a recess on a curved surface?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	wheelwell.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.44 MB ID:	3009Peter,

    At the bottom of my 57 spare wheel well there is a recess (like the petrol cap recess on the monaro) about 3-4" long and maybe 1.5 to 2" wide, curved ends. Unlike the monaro though, the bottom of wheel well is substantially curved in both directions. How does one best set about doing a recess on a compound curved surface? Put shape in first THEN block out the recess, or put the recess in first (which will be easier for the recess) then TRY to put a compound shape in after? Seems like putting shape in after would be very difficult since the recess will resist.
    I did it by putting shape in first, then blocking in the recess and it is OK, but not good enough so wanted to check on the proper process before trying again.

    I show the picture with reluctance because it's bloody ugly work!

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    I think Peter will tell you shape then block it out. Would probably be easier if you went much more oversize on the part as a whole, then trim it down to what you need when you are done. Would make blocking out the recess much easier. Piece would hold it's overall shape better as well.


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      That is trimmed down - a lot. Started out about 12"x18". That is basically final size.
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        I would agree with Chris. The shape should go in the panel before any "locks" get in the way.


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          just keep practicing you will get it right ! The secret is NOT TO rush it just block the first line out from the back before blocking the inside line the turn the panel around and repeat the same actions a few times .if you are not sure ? Have a look at the way I blocked the bar indentation on the Monaro quarter and petrol cap
          Peter T.


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            Got it Peter. My second attempt turned out better - good enough for a wheel well anyway! The shape of the panel is spot on, it fit and butt tacked in very easily, the recess is more or less right, can't be sure as the original was rusted to hell, but the surface finish is a bit rough, especially on the sidewalls of the recess where it is difficult to easily planish. Onwards to other pieces of the car.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	image_1056.jpg
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              Looks good Ken!👍


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                Practice makes perfect !
                Peter T.


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                  Thanks for posting, Ken. Looks good.