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    Buying a set of sweeps is a no-brainer. Most here know about them and certainly consider them to be an ideal solution to take advantage of if given a viable opportunity. But like Neil said, it's a large expense for an individual if this work does not produce income.

    i keep a set of standard patterns (roughly equivalent to sweeps, but not as expensive) for stonework here at the studio.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image.jpeg Views:	3 Size:	1.25 MB ID:	2724

    Some different patterns are assemblies of these patterns,in whole or part. Others are completely unique, so have to be made as described. Those are labeled well and added to the collection, just in case they're ever needed again. As a professional, they're necessary. For those doing it otherwise, they rarely have a regular set.

    Mike Phillips did a group buy deal 1-2 yrs ago for a CNC-cut full set of long & short sweeps. Looked for the ad over on AMS, thought price was around $650 but maybe less. I considered a set but end up not buying this time. Even at that price, he had trouble getting orders from that large forum. He said it was a huge effort on his part re: organizing sets once cut, shipping and getting all issues resolved without making any profit. As a result, he said he would never do it again.

    edit- found the ad. Didn't see a price but Peter commented it was about a third of what costs would be in AU. Looks like he had orders for 35 sets from elsewhere plus possibly 2 from AMS members. He told us about the whole adventure at the RR at Jim's last summer. the cut sweeps came to him as-cut in a large pile & it was a giant PIA to organize sets of 100 pieces each to service orders.
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      Just ordered a Half length Set from Justin Baker in U.K. £279. 😉 was Trade though . Will order a full set soon.
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