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Length of a panel when wheeling alone

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  • Length of a panel when wheeling alone

    Just wondering roughly what are the limits in length and width of a panel that can be done when wheeling alone?

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    the length of the front fender I am doing is almost 1200mm long and 800mm wide but has quite a lot of shape which helps! the 1/4 panels are just over a meter long and 800mm wide but also have lots of shape. the door skins I helped peter make are around the same as the front fender but are way too flat for 1 person. aluminium however I'm not sure as I have watched the video of Brian tanti making a 300sl door skin which I would say is a meter by 600 wide on his own. much lighter material and generally thicker which would help self support.

    then again we have all seen Peter throw monaro 1/4 panels around a wheel on his own with shape in it
    thanks neil


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      I tried to do one, 1450 x 800 x 1mm, I now have a nice piece of damaged sheet.
      Cheers Reedy,

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        Originally posted by Chris_Hamilton View Post
        Just wondering roughly what are the limits in length and width of a panel that can be done when wheeling alone?
        Normally starting from flat 40 x 35 inches is OK, anything after that is a struggle and you would need 2 people..... With some shape in the panel I have done bigger than that but still a struggle
        Peter T.


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          Thank you Peter and Neil for the answers.


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            A novice idea from the mind of Cas Nawrocki:

            use a fan/blower or make your wheeling machine tiltable.

            it made me smile:
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              it made us all cringe... lol

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            I am not criticizing the method, or the way Cass works, but if you learn to wheel a large panel the way it should be done , you instantly know that that method will not work UNLESS you do a lot of work later with the hammer and dolly and file, simply because the panel is moving downwards on the way in with it's own weight , then on the way out the top wheel will flatten the panel and that will cause lumps all over. There is no substitute for another guy at the other end when wheeling a large panel ( just simply watch the behavior of the panel, ) then watch a panel getting wheeled with two guys and keep your eyes on the panel position and behavior on the wheel
            Peter T.
            PS another thing to look for on the video is that the big 6 inches ''roller '' is flat, there for no much shape is going on to the panel if any
            And I am not going to even talk about the nearly vertical wheeling technique
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