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  • Model A door skins

    Scott Burnett from Kahiko Customs in Charles City VA showed up early yesterday with the two doors for a Model A. 90 years or so of carnage has taken it's toll and we were collaborating with him to make some new door skins.

    Given that we opted to go ahead and make both door skins to have a more consistent finish on these. Paper patterns were taken to capture the pertinent details, and some oversized blanks were cut out of 18 Gauge cold rolled steel. The Powell hammer made made quick work of adding shape to the skin...

    Once we had our shape needed, the upper beltline bead was added using some aluminum dies we made for the Lennox nibbler.

    For the lower bead detail, we wished to use the folded flange as a guide in the dies, so the tipping dies in the Lennox were used to fold the lower flange..

    Tipping the flange...

    Adding the lower bead detail

    the new skin was then test fit before we trimmed and folded the side flanges..

    The side flanges were folded over to 45* along the un-beaded area, then our dies for the Lennox clamped in their respective location by aligning the edge along the fold line and tightening in the bench vise. Then a body hammer folded the bead areas over to 90* and the remainder of the straight bends reinstalled into the tipping wheel and folded to 90*.

    Looks like these will make a much better job than trying to sort out the old skins..

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    nice clean work as usual robert thanks for posting
    thanks neil


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      Nice panels Robert.


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        thanks Robert for sharing your order of operations.


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          Lot of crown in those Model A's skins.
          Nice work Robert.