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First attempt at Datsun 510 floor pan

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  • First attempt at Datsun 510 floor pan

    Here’s my first attempt at making this replacement floor pan. Any advice or constructive criticism please.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	97696E45-5E95-4B27-903B-B948FE5CDD79.jpeg Views:	6 Size:	320.7 KB ID:	3333
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Name:	image_1236.jpg
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Name:	image_1239.jpg
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Name:	image_1242.jpg
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    Here’s more
    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_1234.jpg
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Name:	image_1233.jpg
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Name:	image_1238.jpg
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Name:	image_1243.jpg
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      Looking good thus far.


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        keep at it your doing fine
        thanks neil


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          Here’s where I am at now.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	image_1237.jpg
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Name:	image_1241.jpg
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Name:	image_1240.jpg
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Name:	image_1248.jpg
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            Great stuff, how did you start?

            did you make a female mould , pre - stretched the panel and hammer formed with a air hammer turned down??.


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              Thank you, I made a paper pattern then transferred that to some 18gauge and started blocking it by hand with a hammer and sand bag, I then planished it in a harbor freight planishing hammer Iam still working on it. Iam ok with remaking it if I have to as this is a learning experience but also trying to make a usable replacement panel.


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                Hi , there is a chap on YouTube making a similar panel ... And he used special concrete G 60 I believe to make a female mould in which he could hammer form.

                how will you do the small pressing in the middle of the panel ???.


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                  What I have done in the past to capture a shape is to clean the panel down to bare metal.
                  1. Rub Vasoline on to the back of a detailed Panel pressing.

                  2. put some Tin Foil on the Panel over the pressing.... add a wee bit more Vaseline on top of Foil.

                  3. Make a square frame to fit around the perimeter of the shape..... for support.

                  4. now the fun bit... Mix up some fibreglass and rub it into the back of pressing or shape.

                  5. TIP .... use old nuts and off cuts of metal to press into the fibreglass.... around the walls of the pressing.... this will help support the mould.

                  6. now let this dry and peel it off your fibreglass mould.

                  7. now you can hammer form your pressing or shape....👍

                  8. if you have a English Wheel, planishing hammer (air or just a hammer) you can pre stretch your metal which helps with the hammer forming.

                  9. hope this helps.... these are things stop me from sleeping.... trying to find solutions.

                  10. you can use a bead roller for bigger pressing,s
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                    Thank you for the advice, I might try that when I make the other side. I need to check this panel over with my profile gauges to make sure it’s not over developed


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                      The panels is looking really good, keep going


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                        Hi Ecrafton1986 (would be good to have a first name to address you by ) Do you actually need 18 gauge? I've had and restored a number of 510's over the years and would doubt that there is any 18 gauge anywhere in the car! Using 20g will make your job a good deal easier. With all of the shape in it, 20g would be plenty.
                        Cheers, Richard


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                          Thank you Peter!

                          Richard I do agree with you 20 gauge is pretty much every where on the car the floors are a little thicker probably 19 gauge, 18 is what I have on hand I do agree that some thinner material would make my work easier. Honestly it just takes a little longer makes my arms a little more tired as well


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                            On this picture you can see the edge is lifted up it needs to be flat is it because I have to much material?

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	image_1318.jpg
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                              How are things going with your project.👍👍👍.