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    Wonderful work!

    Time to buy a milling machine now,

    Cheers Charlie


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      thank you for posting your work cliff, it's been great to watch it develop through the stages.

      i have to ask, did you get to engrave your name in it anywhere it wouldn't be seen? i know i would have lol
      thanks neil


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        Thanks, guys.

        I do need a milling machine. First I need the space to put it... Before that, I need to get my big jiggly machine moved off the lawn & inside the shop. By the time I got my cart done for the machine, it had started raining. Then my friend's boom truck blew the engine and was in the shop for nearly a month. Now they're buried & way behind. The latest tornado blew over several stones on display in front of their office last month. They haven't had time to reset them, much less come here for me. If they don't come soon, I'll have to buy a new tent. This one is falling apart. Not cool.

        I didn't sign this one, Neil. Still not "my" work because I was trying to duplicate someone else's work. So it wasn't about artistic expression. It was just work, like a body panel. Not a big fan of bronze in general. Bronze means giving the foundry lots of $$$ or going to great expense to set up a small foundry here. Bronze is also usually cut up for casting and then reassembled & welds camouflaged to pretend it was achieved as monolithic. The big perk of this bronze was that it is a monolotihic casting, not welded up.

        In general, I would rather do stone and keep more of the money. You can't weld stone.