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  • Hi there

    My name is Michael I’m 52 years old and I have 2 FJ40’s I’m trying to reproduce.
    originally I used to work on mechanical stuff but the last few years I developed an interest in metalwork.
    My current project is an ‘81 Landcruiser FJ42 that had rolled down a mountain before it was stored for a few years.
    Most of the body was either damaged or severely rusted. I’m working my way through all the issues learning as I go.
    Currently I am taking everything apart, including the welded parts, remaking what is damaged and or rusted.

    My interest in this community is to learn from all of you and hopefully give something back in return.

    kind regards,


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    welcome michael sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy
    thanks neil


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      Welcome to the forum, Michael.


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        Welcome to the team Michael. The best way to help is by sharing pictures and showing what you are working on More often than not the guys who contribute the most are the ones who get the most out of forums etc. we have access to some of the best metal shaping guys in the world and they love to share their knowledge and experience. Make the most of it!! Cheers Johnny Leftinstein


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          Hi Michael welcome to the forum
          Peter T.