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    hi guys. Yet another immigrant metal shaper based in Melbourne Australia. I love the creativity and freedom this craft offers. My soft spot is for old Porsche’s 356 912 and coach builds from the 50s Having said that I now remember I like early Vw busses and 240 z Datsuns and ‘48 Chev’s that are been converted into woodies. And I like wooden hulled boats and hot rods. Love an A on 32 rails. I like pizza and other things too. Neil and I felt that it was time to build a forum with the express aim being to preserve the traditional methods of metal shaping that we had learned from spending time with Peter Tommasini here in Melbourne. Old school stuff done right. No egos. We shamelessly support the guys who make a living out of this craft and sell tools or training. If you are going to learn then learn from the best. Cheers Johnny

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    Hi Johnny, well said and pleasure to meet you, and start something here.
    Cheers Reedy,

    There's nothing as Sweet as a EK V8


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      Welcome aboard Reedy ! Great to catch up with you last month for the Ulladalah meet Did you get a few pics? We hope this will be an open resource where differing opinions are welcomed and eveyones contribution is valued Thanks for posting your work already !! Ledgend. Cheers Johnny