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    Hi Team, Someone in the U.K. who is part of the team on the Repair Shop ,which has become a very popular TV program , has looked in to the history of Ranalah and has managed to buy the old Company .
    Dominic is hoping to remake the Ranalah wheeling machine with is much details as possible.

    He contacted me a month ago after seeing my Instagram posts on the history of the wheel , after this he emailed me and asked for a copy?.

    Well me being me l send them over to Dom which sparked his business head into finding out more about the history of Ranalah and the Company.

    So Watch this space to see if he can make something of it ???? So expect T-shirts , Posters, and maybe a New Ranalah Wheeling Machine.

    But one good thing has come of this ...........

    He,s just upped the price of the original Ranalah with all its British aircraft history....πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ₯‚.
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    Other Fantastic Wheeling machines are available .....😊😊
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      Did they just get the name only or did they get the original technical drawings or casting patterns ?

      I love the model that mounts to the floor and I assume a beam in the building.

      They will make more money from T shirts


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        I Don’t know what Dom managed to get ???.

        The Type M is different isn’t it , possibly used for very very big panels like for the Roof on the London route master bus Teams of 4 people used to make them.

        l heard this somewhere...πŸ˜ŠπŸ€”

        and the Morris Minor Traveler Aluminium roof was made by Abbey Panels.
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            I think the problem is that without the original and revised drawings you do not know what they were trying to achieve at the time ,

            just how much twist or flex was built in etc ,

            I would think at the time they were building them for a market cost point , so using less metal helped in the bottom line ,
            Now that is not the point .

            I am sure Peter went thru a lot of headache to get his wheel where he wanted it to be .

            Just hoping the new "Ranalah" has some good engineers .


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              Exactly Dave, The Ranalah was engineered to a price mostly for the war effort, and cost Β£44 when new.
              l,m a little bit annoyed because he bought the company Without a original Ranalah Wheel ! Now he is using his TV power to ask the public so that he can borrow one 😳😳 they are 750kg😱.
              Yes l missed a trick not thinking like a businessman... ( l,ve got no money) but one month ago he said that he would pop down too our New Company to meet us and too look at the Wheel ...... if he had done this and expressed his interest in buying Ranalah he would’ve been onto a good thing.

              Because we are linked to a very big engineering company in the south-east with the knowledge and finance too help Dominic in his mission.

              Yes of course this would look like a scene from Dragons den asking for a Small percentage of the Company.

              So we wish Dom all the success ... but we our Out....🧐.
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                I watched his video about making the wheel , seems very excited but does not have a clue what he is trying to achieve, other than it looks like an original Ranalah !

                I hope he gets good advise from guys who have been wheeling for decades......because its not going to be easy to change after its cast

                I wonder how many big wheels Frost sells in a year ?


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                  Exactly , how much is it to produce 1.... ?

                  Not many places will cast such a large wheel any more .

                  So at least the T-shirts will look cool.


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                    did they originally use full radius lower wheels or wheels with flats ?


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                      Originally posted by abarthdave View Post
                      did they originally use full radius lower wheels or wheels with flats ?
                      see my post (6) here https://ce8df029be3e-004671.vbulleti...adius-or-flats dave's website is here
                      thanks neil


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                        I think we all know this answer....😎


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                          Ranalah machines are really cool looking, I like how they're designed to be bolted back-to-back in a factory. I expect there's not as much engineering in making one as there is "expert feel". You need to have a guy like Peter or Geoff Moss tell you if you made it right, I'd bet it's kind of like making a violin.

                          I know of two companies that have made modern Ranalahs. There was the Excel wheel out of California, which looked like a Ranalah but had a top adjuster. I believe these were made in the late 80's / early 90's:


                          According to Timothy Barton's books, they sold about 40 of these and then the manufacturing plans/patterns were later sold to "Weld Design Tooling" in Santa Ana, CA. This company appears to still be in business.

                          There's also the wheel made by the "Detroit Motion Co."


                          It's definitely a beautiful machine in the picture. I don't know anything about these guys, but they appear to make and sell a lot of weirdly unrelated products.



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                            "There's also the wheel made by the "Detroit Motion Co."

                            On their website that say their wheel is

                            "Cast steel (not iron)"

                            So I would think whatever "give" that was originally built into the Ranalah wheel was lost by changing the material.

                            I have no idea how to measure these things but you know the original designers had a plan and those wheels build 1000s of aircraft panels


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                              I think it is pretty amazing that Peter was able to transfer all the "goodness" of the Macpherson into his downsized Handbuilt wheel.πŸ‘