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Introduction from NASCAR country.

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  • Introduction from NASCAR country.

    Peter, It's VERY nice to see that you have provided this opportunity for the serious metal shaper. I am looking forward to learning more from you. I have always enjoyed watching you display your talent to the novice and the professional metal shapers alike. From my perspective, you provided the most concise, accurate and productive method of solving metal shaping situations.

    Two more things:

    (one) I am assuming that I can speak highly of your cast iron machine here, and (two) Unless you relent and eat some possum, I am NOT going to eat any Kangaroo!

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    It's quite a privilege to welcome you to the forum, Will. Great to see you here.


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      welcome will good to see you
      thanks neil


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        welcome Will
        Regards Dennis


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          Nice to see you here Will .A very good Welcome!
          Peter T


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            Great to see another master join us Thanks Will ! One thing that Neil and I feel important is that we support the business ‘s and professional metal shapers that share their knowledge and skills. Just as important is for us to be comfortable enough with each other that we can disagree with out it becoming personal or detrimental to our business/hobby/passion/tax write off. If you like a product or service then you are welcome to share it. I have learnt over the years that the masters of any skilled craft are incredibly generous with their knowledge skills and time but are intolerant of people that are ignorant or self important We are all volunteers ! Look forward to you posting ! Ps. Try Pete’s possum pie. Tastes just like chicken but is furry.... get posting Will !! Cheers kwj