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  • Hello from Missouri

    I'm Keith Daleen. Have been a hobbyist metal mangler for as long as I can remember. Sometimes successful , most times filler is required.

    Thanks for allowing me to join.


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    Welcome Keith... you’re in good hands.👍


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      Thank you!


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        Have you any winter projects in mind.

        l have a rare British 1969 GPO Postal Engineering Morris Van.... which l need to start again.

        1 of 55 made and only one left from batch so has ended up the last GPO vehicle in the timeline of British Postal vehicles.

        Will love it to go to the British London postal museum.

        my head has not been in it this year..... which is strange really.

        cheers Matt.


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          welcome keith nice to finally get you on lol
          thanks neil


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            welcome to the forum, Keith.


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              Welcome aboard.


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                Welcome to the forum made it !!
                Peter T.


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                  Thanks everyone. One of my projects in making some repair pieces for a 1969 Barracuda Convertible Front Header Bow. No one repops one. I'm making it in 3 pieces. I think it is called making it out of arrangement. It looked like a bicycle fender for awhile. After some wheeling on the edges it's starting to match the pattern. I made a paper pattern like Peter shows in his dvd's and marked where I needed to add some material for the folds and what the radius is. 6 & 4.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0639.JPG
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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	713BFB69-7C6C-4D49-8646-5E6A5C534838.png
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ID:	4742 Great stuff.... what’s your biggest Challenge you foresee on this very large Cool Car.
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                      This is the only part that I have been asked to make. Another shop is doing the car.


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                        What part of Missouri are you from Keith ?


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                          Sedalia, MO