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  • Introductions

    We don't want this to be a long drawn out affair, so we'll keep it short...ish

    please fill out your USER CP as much as you feel comfortable, we don't need things like your bank details in there, but your first name and where you are would be great. it helps other people to see roughly where you are located, and helps YOU if there is an event held by another member near by that you would like to attend.

    i will like to add to this, please when joining make an introduction asap. i ask this as it helps me not delete your profile, on a regular basis i go through new users and delete them. i first check the IP address for spam activity, if the results come back with a positive result for spam activity deletion is swift.

    If any new members do not make an introduction when joining I WILL DELETE YOU. you have been warned!!!
    thanks neil