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Charlie from Western Australia

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  • Charlie from Western Australia

    Whoops forgot to write an introduction a few days ago!

    I am a novice metal-shaper, which is something that irritated me for years, as I used to be a metalwork teacher. In the cupboards at work were tools, which I now know, were for metal shaping – sandbag; jenny; hollowing block; stakes; etc. – but no one could tell me how to use them!

    Then I discovered Peters DVD's and then Allmetal Shaping and then David Gardiner's DVD. Suddenly everything became possible and I have been dabbling with small projects, with life getting in the way, for the last 3 years.

    But firmly planted in my mind after watching all of the films I could, was that Peter and David's methods, were the cheapest and best way for me to proceed.

    This forum is a dream come true!

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    Hi Charlie, Welcome to the forum
    Once you know the basics you can make anything in metal,Machines help but you still use the basics.
    Regards Dennis


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      Welcome to the forum, Charlie. Feel like I oughta welcome everyone, especially the guys I kinda know from elsewhere, but feel pretentious welcoming people who introduced themselves before I got here. Thanks for waiting to introduce yourself.


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        hi Charlie, dont worry. I dont think I have written an introduction yet either lol
        thanks neil


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          Thanks for joining Charlie. As we grow there will be more resources to share so please contribute where you can. We aren’t too judgmental! In 2014 I radiused a roller and mounted it under a 6 “ castor. I couldn’t believe it when it started to form a shape. I made a scaled down 356 bonnet and a new world opened up. I have worked with metal all my life but never understood the fundamentals of metal shaping ( probably still don’t !) I don’t remember the site or the techniques but I am grateful to who ever posted that video for sharing their knowledge. Cheers. Johnny