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  • Hello everyone!

    Hello I'm 15 and want to learn how to do this craft, I am working on making a new body for a 1979 280zx, I am having trouble learning though as there are some questions I have that haven't been answered and other forums seemed to not help so I'm hoping this will be the one to answer them.

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    Hi Bandit welcome to the forum , if you need help ?.. Do not be afraid to ask
    Peter T.


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      Thanks! I have asked my question on the basics area of the forum and would love to hear what you have to say.


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        Welcome to this forum too, Colin.

        Study Peter's methods and lessons well. You'll not find a better Master Metalshaper to follow or learn from, no matter where you look. My suggestion- Forget about the "better.. " and "modernized" methods promoted by the people that sell more classes and gadgets than finished panels and bodies for a living. Just choose a path and stay on it.

        The right way is the easiest way in the long run, even if it is harder in the beginning,


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          my advise would be to start with something small and watch and study what happens to the steel when you work with it, it will move and twist but learn why, don't get discouraged it happened to us all, take pictures, ask questions
          thanks neil


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            Welcome Bandit
            Nice to see someone so young interested in an old craft.
            I am just starting to learn about this craft as well.
            What I find helpful.
            Peters DVD's
            He has 4 out that I am aware of. Great DVD's a ton of info on all of them.
            Peters videos on YouTube again a ton of info on them.
            I watch the DVD's and videos over and over.
            I have watched his latest youtube videos 4 times each.
            Because each time I watch them I see something or hear something I didn't get before.

            The more I learn about the basic's the closer I get to panels that fit correctly.
            The basic's are paper patterns and profile gauges.
            At first paper patterns just seem like...well they seem like paper.
            But they are much more they are the foundation that the house of metal shaping is built on.
            The profile gauges give you a way to check your progress as you sneak up on shape.

            Keep us posted on how you do on your projects.
            It will be interesting to watch a young beginner develop his skills.
            David Bradbury


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              15... wow you will be looked after on here.