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Posting more than 5 pics in a single entry

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  • Posting more than 5 pics in a single entry

    figured this out today. It can be done if your pics are hosted online somewhere (to each his own- like many others, I got yanked & spanked by photobucket yrs ago. Not cool). If you're already using a image hosting site, you can probably link pics directly from there if you like. There's several ways to do it. See my Guzzi thread for an explanation of how I did it. Hope this helps. Or you can do simple posts with 5 or fewer pics all within the forum.

    More trivia- If you do copy & paste content into here, be advised there is a 10k character limit per individual entry. You will need to divide it into multiple entries.

    I've been somewhat at a loss to get this project's build thread underway, so will just start. A lot of pics are being held hostage in my daughter's old & dysfunctional iPhone. For now, a little general background and info on the past year. Details will be a little jumbled for a while. I expect others have similar issues