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  • new year

    happy new year to all

    all the best for the new year!
    thanks neil

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    Happy New Year to Neil and everybody else here (even to all the new jokers who haven't introduced themselves yet...... Humor us.)

    i do want to say a special thank you to Neil and his select few for making this new forum a reality. I can't be the only one who sincerely appreciates having a venue like this one that's focused upon traditional work instead of the latest workaround gimmick. It's a great opportunity for all of us. Thanks, Neil!


    • neilb
      neilb commented
      Editing a comment
      thank you

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    Yes, Happy New Year to everyone!

    Share your work everyone; the other forums I visit seem to be bereft of new posts,

    Cheers Charlie


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      Happy New Years to all. I hope none of you gentlemen are experiencing any difficulties as a result of the fires.


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        All good where I am.

        Ulla Dulla worries me!


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          ulladulla worries me too! what has happened at bateman's bay and mallacoota looks like it may happen there too.

          I am 15km outside melbourne cdb, Friday the winds blew from mallacoota and we ended up with the smoke, not very nice but nowhere near as bad as they had it, even without the fire. pitch black at 9.30am scary stuff!
          thanks neil


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            We here in Bayswater got a lot of smoke but no fire.....lets hope that it stays like that