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Great Job Neil.

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  • Great Job Neil.

    Just want to show my appreciation, to Neil for starting and setting up our very own Forum, Once I figure out all the little idiosyncrasies with knowing how to drive the thing, it will be cool.
    Good on you Neil and others whom have contributed to the site.
    Thank you,
    Cheers Reedy,

    There's nothing as Sweet as a EK V8

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    thanks man

    it's all good, i must admit it wasn't my idea to start a forum but it's nice to be part of something that many people want to go in the right direction
    thanks neil


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      Yep thanks Neil for all the work you have done behind the scenes. The tech side is now just a matter of maintaining the content and ensuring that all runs smoothly which he will do on his ear I don’t think we could have asked for a more laid back but competent admin dude so now the real job is for you guys and gals to get in and make it your forum. If you want other topics then tell us. Our core goal is to promote old school traditional metal shaping skills but that is not at the exclusion of other techniques. There were no tig welders around in the 30’s when Pete was an apprentice but today we have choices as to how we perform a task. There ain’t just one way to skin a bunny and our mission is to preserve those traditions for others to learn from. Play it forward. J Leftie


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        Thanks Neil
        i agree with the others Good job setting up this Forum