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  • Which one do you like better ?

    Hi Guys let's have a bit of competition here .... just for some fun

    which of these do you like better either to own or build ?

    NEW FERRARI EVOLUTION 2020 from Ferrari SF90 Stradale to Ferrari 125s all Ferrari best cars included. Latest Ferrari to Fast Ferrari all Supercars are here. ...

    Peter T.
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    umm well i have been told i have strange tastes in cars lol but the 212 export from 1951 looks pretty cool as a road car, always liked the dino 206 gt, and the 348 but not the spyder. i do like the FF, strangely resembling a modern version of the 212 export lol

    would be nice to build a 212
    thanks neil


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      Among others I rely like the 1957 355 / S and the 1958 Dino 296 / S , and of coarse the mighty 1962 GTO, As far as modern cars the 2010 GTO is not bad either
      Peter T.
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      • skintkarter
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        Little shit eldest son works for the local dealer selling them and occasionally gets to run customers around Hampton Downs on drive days. Quite like the TDF they had a couple of years back.

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      Not much chance to experience Ferrari in my world, but I like the 500 Mondial. I think about my years driving our TR3B and would want a similar sports car experience with Ferrari mechanicals instead. As much as I like & appreciate the craftsmanship and visual appeal of Ferrari (and other exotic machines) in general, the mechanical experience is what appeals to me. That's why I would build a 289 Cobra if I built any car like this- no idea how I would ever afford/acquire a proper Ferrari driveline.

      One of the few Ferrari encounters- while cooking evenings helping a friend's kitchen in Nov 2006? around stones, I noticed a plain red sports car parked outside at a large local bodyshop. ONly vehicle in parking lot every night, totally unsecured, night after night. I traveled early enough one day to stop and see it. It was a Ferrari. I believe it was a 1954 500 Mondial. Such a pretty, plain real sports car. Local owner had removed engine and trans out for a refresh. Otherwise it was a very, very nice car, red with tan leather. The body shop was going to fix (bondo, no shit- I asked) and repaint the minor tire scuff damage on left side from a Moto Giro event in Italy. The shop had to roll it outside to fix an old ford Taurus station wagon first..... No tonneau, one brick behind rear wheel so it wouldn't roll. No security or locked gate on property, nothing. It sat there like that for at least two wks. Not sure if they wanted it to be stolen or figured no one around here would have a clue how $$ it was to steal it. I liked the more dramatic bodywork models until I saw that car in person.


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        I've always had a soft spot for Austin Allegros but if I had to have a Ferrari it would be the Ferris Bueller Special. A swb 250 California. Actually I think I have a buck for one somewhere ........


        • Chris_Hamilton
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          Austin Allegro???? Really?

        • skintkarter
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          I remember when the Allegro was released in New Zealand. They got one in to the workshop at the local dealer for it's PDI, jacked it up (trolley jack) to do whatever they needed to do and when it was lowered back to the ground, the doors wouldn't close... Had to get the panelbeater to come up with a port-o-power and resquare the door hole. The Mk11 was released with the advertising tag line "The new sturdier British Bulldog".

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        Hey Cliffy If that was a front wheel drive Taurus Wagon I would completely understand


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          At a glance when driving by, I thought that Ferrari was some odd fiberglass kit car or maybe a modified MGA or Healy. Things like that turn up occasionally around here. But it had real knock-off wires with alloy rims, so I figured it wasn't the typical crap car and stopped to see. When I got close enough to see they were Borranis, I was stunned. there's real money people in that area, but it still surprised me.

          The Taurus was a typical wid-late 80's pos wagon, faded paint and all. the body man said "It's got roof damage so we can't leave it outside. it might get wet. gotta get it fixed immediately. That other car can wait- the engine isn't even in it...." At that point, I figured it would be a waste of time to ask him about the rationale of leaving that leather interior & cockpit (that probably cost more than the entire Taurus wagon) completely uncovered outside instead.

          I worked that kitchen/inn a couple of times. The first event I did for them in May 05 was for a high end car group. I walked the parking lot after dinner service- there was a Muria, two 500SL gullwing Mercedes, a Dino and many other old & later model exotics. Can't remember all of them. They were staying at the inn, headed to tour the nearby mountains for 2-3 days. Really impressive group of cars, one of the best parking lots I've ever seen of actual tagged & driven cars.

          But I still think that 500 Mondial was the more of what I would prefer as an actual roadster & real sports car.


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            Being in the USA and having been a teenager during the 60's every teenager I knew was interested in either Chevy or Ford mid 50's shoe box shaped cars.
            My interest was Jaguar the C type, D type, E type, XK120, XK140. The Austin Healey R100 and the 3000.
            Both the Jags and Healey,s have similar lines.
            I was also very much into watching any open wheel GP style car racing.
            So to be able to own any Ferrari from the 50,s-60's era that has a racing heritage or look would be unbelievable.
            Any Ferrari from that same era that has lines similar to Jaguar and Healey would also be very desirable.
            So while I am dreaming I think the top dog to own or build would be the 62 GTO.
            Reminds me of the E-type very similar lines.
            Or maybe the ????? Damn it Peter
            David Bradbury


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              250 California for me but with a call out to the Monza SP2 (2018) as it is like a modern version of my project. There is a Ferrari Dealership on the Ground floor of my building.....You have to be careful not to step in the puddle of drool as you walk past.


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                I have Cliffy's taste in mechanical excellence, but aesthetically I think the 375 America does it for me.

                Sometimes I wish I had been born 10 years earlier.


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                  Old, I really love a lot of them hard to pick just one. 250 SWB Berlinetta is really nice. 275GTB is another fave. Like the Dino's and California Spyders as well. Somewhere in the ,middle agewise the F40 is a brute. Modern ones I like the 458/488 a lot.


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                    Click image for larger version

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                    Ferrari Friday.... New Grill for a Lusso.

                    Has a nice shape .


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                      I always liked the lines of a Ferrari P4 or Dino 206, but have fallin in love with a 1957 Maserati 300 and 450s. Classic lines, race heritage, good stuff.