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    In the current climate. There’s not much to be cheerful about. As a family man to lose a Pet Thursday night has hit us bloody hard .
    being run over by possible midnight boy races is hard on our family it’s not the first time but as you get older it’s harder.....
    l came across a dead Dear in the road which was in a dangerous area ... so to save further injuries to who knows....l got out the car and dragged the dear to the side of the road.

    hitting the Whiskey 🥃 life is hard.

    RIP Star .... 1.5 years old.

    I don’t have to tell you Gents .... but speed belongs on the race track.🥃.
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      Hard luck.

      I won't own a pet, as I can't stand it when they die.


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        Sorry to hear about your loss. We've got too many pets, but enjoy them all. It's never easy to lose one. Take care.


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          Real sorry to hear that. I understand. I had a rescue pit bull that I loved dearly. She had kidney failure when she was around 8 years old. I had to decide whether to have her euthanized. Hardest thing I've ever had to do. Was there with her when the Vet put her to sleep. I broke down crying right there in the Vet's office. Hurt far worse than even when my Dad died.
          Best thing I did was get another rescue pet. I have three dogs all rescue animals. Love them all like they were my children.

          This is a pic of my Pit "Dutchy" . Tear up looking at her now. Matt I understand and hope it gets better. Look at her loss as an opportunity to save another dog or cat.
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            Great personal piece, it’s the personality that you can never replace.
            and because she was run over they will look down on that at Cats Protection.... And will not be able to buy a New One.

            Maybe a small Dog.... never had a Dog in 49 a Jack Russell or sausage dog ( badger Hound ) but this breed has many medical issues ??.

            workshop Dog.😎
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              Please consider instead of paying for a dog, that you get a rescue/shelter dog. A mutt (mixed breed) would have none of the health issues that some purebred dogs have. Lots of small dogs in shelters that would make great pets and need a home.

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            pets are wonderful..... I have 5 dogs, when the time comes loosing any of them would be hard
            Peter T.


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              Buried our Pet Tonight in a nice White towel... Star “Bar” is nice and Warm.

              RIP.... 1.5 years old.