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Fixin a dented brass tuba

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  • Fixin a dented brass tuba

    Please comment and pass this one along. Every band teacher and student would appreciat this. This is a tuba "pull apart" job using various techniques. I rem...

    turn the sound down , unless you like drum solos .

    Check out the tools in the background , very interesting stuff

    And please explain the eletric dent roller......looks ummmm unique

    Found it Magnetic Dent Removal System

    This is a video of Art using the Magnetic Dent Removal System to remove dents from a tuba. Here is a link to the MDRS website where you can watch some more M...
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    i have seen that before, but it is very interesting to see how other trades repair metals
    thanks neil


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      Here is the website that sells all the tools to fix your dented "Brass Band " . or radiator grill , tail light housing and lots of small things ,

      plus a lot of interesting idea,

      the Z-60 is a small english wheel with a lot of extras like offset wheels etc


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        interesting to say the least . Nice work !!
        Peter T.