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How to keep your Workshop Cool....

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  • How to keep your Workshop Cool....

    How do you Gents keep your workshop cool.... any recommendations for celling fans that do not sound like a Jet engine.

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    Wait for winter: otherwise grin and bear it.

    Seriously though, doors on more than one wall allow breezes through and I strip down to shorts and boots.

    If the weather is humid, a fan is excellent, except for the dust which gets blown around.

    Keeping warm is more of an issue for me,

    Cheers Charlie


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      You took the words right out of my mouth, Charlie. It was supposedly 101-103F with heat index today and really hot in the studio trying to finish this stone. All I have are fans- regular blade fans and squirrel cage fans. Winter cold here is nothing compared to the actual -35F to -40F temps up north. I bought three new old kerosene torpedo heaters earlier this week so now I have a good heater for each building. In fact, it is so hot here now that when I tried to check the operation of the one heater with a fancy thermostat. It wouldn't run... took a bit to realize that when the ambient temp is approx 90F, the thermostat isn't going to allow the heater to run... Maybe I'll be able to do things like welding a little easier this winter now that I don't have to drag one heater back and forth between three buildings in the rain and mud. Our crazy heat should begin to subside soon here. It's actually been a tolerable summer, but 100F with high humidity is still not fun..

      There's a brand sold here in the USA called BIg Ass Fans that seem to be effective and quiet. But they're not cheap.

      Jim Hery has HUGE central air conditioning in his amazing shop. Last summer at the RR, it was almost too cold to sit in front of the 2' diameter ductwork blowing freezing cold air on us. That is how the top professionals keep their shop cold without obnoxious fans.


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        I have a window shaker cut into the wall. It's only 600 square feet and I'm cool like a cucumber. Of course at work, the poor boys are sweltering with our "new" climate these days. I don't think any amount of fans would help.


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          Will it’s certainly pushed us to the limit today.... so we buggered off at 4 o’clock.

          I think we need some sort of air-conditioning unit.

          next week will be in the Company Van going to see the PullMax P21....😅


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            In dry climates, evaporative air-conditioning works well; a friend of mine has it in his shed.

            If you suffer from humidity in the south of England, then refrigerated air is needed, otherwise on humid days the room will get cooler but still be too humid to be pleasant,

            Cheers Charlie