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Redneck Roundup 20-22 August 2020

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  • Redneck Roundup 20-22 August 2020

    We are going to have the Redneck Roundup at the same time as last year. The dates are 20-22 August 2020. We are posting the dates early this year because we want to extend it to an International event and invite metalshapers from all over the world. My health wasn't too good this year and I would like to apologize for not being able to hobble around more. This year we are going to have more seminars and hands on projects. Our goal is not only to have a good time with old friends and the new ones we will meet, but to also gain more knowledge and skills from all different areas of metalshaping. If you don't get your hands dirty you won't get fed. We anticipate a much better event this year as the shop will be done and all the machines will be in operation. I will have at least 6 coachbuilt cars in progress from the 30's in which complete coachwork, either from an original body, from old renderings or designed from scratch which will be at different stages. More info will follow.

    James Hery

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    Very cool. Sign me up. I'll be there and will help however I can. Thanks, Jim.


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      I marked it on my calendar to attend and I'm sure some or all of my entourage will tag along.

      Cheers, Bill